St Patrick’s Day

17 Mar

So today is the 17th March. Which means, it is St Patrick’s Day. Which is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the strangest day in the whole year. A year where we get to celebrate a different country, through the day of a Saint who is the patron of Ireland, despite being English and taken to Ireland as a slave. Awesome.

The strangest thing about St Patrick’s Day, is that the entire world celebrates it by stereotyping Ireland. Seriously. We drink, smoke and live to excess, in the hope that we are fully representing Ireland. We drink pint after pint of Guinness to honour the memory of the Saint who rid the island of Ireland of snakes.

And yet it remains one of the best days of the year for the University student. It’s a day of listening to Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly, drinking pint after pint of Guinness and Irish whisky, and generally making a fool or ourselves. But the best thing about it is, EVERYONE does it!

One of the main things on my F**k it list (the Bucket List part at least) is to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Ireland and Boston. But until then…

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Hope it’s a good one for all of you!


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