Is the world falling apart?

20 Mar

Earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan, the Arab melting pot boiling over, Colonel Gaddafi sticking the political finger up at a coalition force, and Bahrain falling apart. What has the world come to? It definitely can’t be attributed to the Moon’s perigee-syzygy, it’s only a fraction closer than it normally is. And yet it seems that the world literally is falling apart right now, both politically and geographically.

The earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand truly are horrifying. To see two separate earthquakes tear these first-world countries apart like this is such a humbling sight –  New Zealand always seems so remote and out of harm’s way that it is shocking to see such devastation. And Japan always comes across as such a powerful, stoic country, immune to such horrific circumstances. And yet, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong to this devastated country.

Colonel Gaddafi needs to sort his life out. He’s like the stubborn neighbour who won’t take down his Christmas decorations in March, despite the fact that the entire street has rallied to throw stones at them. It has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, what can be gained from challenging rebel forces supported by the UN?

But it’s not all bad. Many Egyptians are voting now for the first time in their lives, which is such a big step for such a beautiful country. They have worked hard for their democracy, and I hope that they make the most of it.


3 Responses to “Is the world falling apart?”

  1. helenk1949 March 23, 2011 at 6:27 pm #


  2. Tom Lawrie March 23, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    haha, bluntest and truest reply ever.

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