Back in the gateway to England

2 Apr

I’m back in Kent for a brief respite before heading back to Plymouth to fully wrap things up there. The journey back, as always, was hellish, and a couple of hours in London without any money or phone battery is always an experience.

But I got there. And a foray into Ashford and Bluewater has concreted one thing in my mind, and the reason why I love my country so much – pubs. Bars aren’t the same, and nightclubs serve their purpose, but an afternoon searching for a beer to quench a parched throat is one of the easiest things in the world to a Briton. Just type in pubs on AroundMe and see if I’m wrong.

And I’m really going to miss Kent. Apart from the wedges of tarmac that cut through it on the way from London to Dover, and the inevitable backwater settlements that accompany that, it really is beautiful country, and an irreplaceable part of the UK. The perfect marriage of beauty, heritage and proximity to both London and France make it a pretty damn good place to live.

I’m pretty aware that New York and Sydney are going to be completely polar opposite to this sprawling greenery, and I’m coming to terms with that. But now at least, I can walk the dog in a beautiful forest carpeted with bluebells and feel at home.


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