Ability is nothing without opportunity

19 May

‘The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the ever expanding bureaucracy’

The day of departure is drawing near. I now merely have to wait on the US Embassy for a visa interview. At the same time I’m filling in my Australian visa forms – all eleven pages of them. They have questions such as: ‘Have you ever committed war crimes, crimes against humanity or human rights abuses?’ I don’t understand why that would be relevant – surely the Australian government would be relatively aware anyone who has committed the said crimes?

But either way, it’s winding up. I’m getting to the point of deciding which books to take with me, the minutiae of where in detail I am going to go, what I am going to do. I need to wrap up things in the UK first, a visit to the dentist, sell off a few things on eBay, brush up on my Spanish in case I visit Mexico, stow away large amounts of my things in my parents’ loft. But it is so stressful! I can’t wait until the day I step off that plane and let off some steam in New York.

So, for one thing, I am glad BUNAC are on hand to help with my US visa. A J-1 visa, a DS-2109, a SEVIS form. I need to get a Social Security number, and a bank account in the US. There is so much red tape, so many hurdles to cross and hoops to jump through, I’m beginning to lose it. Gone are the days where visiting other countries required only the will to jump onto a ship. The culture of travelling is getting more difficult by the day.


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