5 Jul

I’m writing this blog post from a Starbucks, hence the title. I feel a little beatnik, sitting here with my iced coffee.

Happy 4th of July! We spent it on the roof of our building in the Financial District, drinking beer and having ribs on a barbeque, before going to a ‘kegger’ on the roof of another building uptown, the skyline literally sprawled out around us, with the Chrysler and the Empire State lit up the brightest (red, white and blue for Empire). I’ve become acquainted with $1 pizza, 7/11 big gulps and traversing a hell of a lot of stairs. But it’s okay. I still need to get used to American accents, having just completely failed miserably when ordering my coffee by completely failing to understand the word ‘sweetened’ in a New York drawl. What followed was me looking like a twat while the barista said in the most condescending voice: ‘sugar, or no sugar’. Duh.

Also, contrary to what I’ve heard:

a) New York is sunny. The buildings are really tall, but they don’t block out the sun. And it’s quite leafy, pretty much every street is lined with trees, and there are loads of parks. And I’ve only seen one cockroach. New York is actually pretty clean and really nice. Apart from the subway, I don’t like the subway. But then again, the trains are air-conditioned.

b) New Yorkers are actually quite nice. I’ve had quite a smattering of drinks bought for me already, and it’s really easy to strike up a conversation with someone you’ve never met and just chat away. Mostly they just want to know about England, from one perspective or another. The guy I was chatting to on Sunday just wanted to know about how English sports clubs worked and how much the players got paid.

c) New York is cheap for me, but expensive for everyone else. Pretty much everything is cheaper than London, but it is apparently the most expensive city in America. But a dollar for a large slice of pizza ain’t too shabby.

I’m going to go to Central Park now, ’cause I can’t apply for jobs until I get a Social Security number. Which takes a few working days apparently, and yesterday was a national holiday and all. Byeeee


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