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My Favourite Cheap, Good Food and Drink In New York

7 Sep

My favourite places. Message me with any additions/alterations.


2 Bro’s, 32 St Mark’s. $1 for a fresh slice of pizza, $2.75 for two and a can of soda. Best dollar pizza in NYC.

Artichokes, 328 E 14th, or 111 Macdougal St. At $3 a slice, slightly more expensive, but their special recipe is phenomenal.



Cheeps, 129 2nd Av. $2 for a falafel pita. Cheap, cheerful and tasty.

Mamoun’s, 22 St Mark’s. Just down the road (with two 2 Bros on the same street) it’s slightly smaller than Cheep’s and an extra 50c, but so much better.



Xi’an’s Famous Foods, 81 St Mark’s. Get the Spicy Tofu Soup or the stewed pork burger. Delicious, and only $4.50 for both. And don’t forget a cup of chilled sour hawberry tea for $1.50



1849, 183 Bleecker St. $0.20 a wing from 3-6p or all day on Sunday and Monday? Yes please!



3 Sheets Saloon, on Macdougal and 6th. It’s so good, the atmosphere is awesome and there is always a cheap deal: especially Wednesday nights, where it’s $1 a pint.

Jeremy’s on Front Street in the Seaport. $2 for 32 oz. of Coors before 10am, or $6 after. The barman is about as New-Yorker as it gets.

The Patriot on Chambers, in between Church and W Broadway. $6 pitchers ALL THE TIME.