Los Angeles and Sydney.

4 Nov

I spend a few days in LA, for the most part relaxing before my big trip to Australia on the 2nd. I spend a few hours wandering around aimlessly in Hollywood and Downtown LA, go for a few drinks with Faroese Pauli and his Musician’s Institute colleagues, eat some quesadillas in a Salvadorean restaurant that, despite being situated in an English speaking country, necessitated the full extent of my Spanish language GCSE in order to extract our order from the dirty kitchen. Real Hispanic food.

After sightseeing in LA, I realised one very notable thing. I don’t like LA. It’s dirty, smoggy, unfriendly, confusing and a bit boring, at least for a tourist. Aside from Hollywood, there wasn’t a great deal to see without going 2 hours on the subway, and even Hollywood seemed a bit tatty and unrealistic. The Grauman’s Chinese Theater was alright, and I saw the Hollywood Sign which is pretty iconic, but one of the best things about LA, aside from my friends, was leaving it.

Then on a sixteen-hour flight to Sydney. It’s uneventful, my usual routine for a long-haul flight: aisle seat, for easy access to toilets and more beer, a healthy supply of the free beer, and cram in a few movies. One of the good ones was ‘Senna’, about the doomed F1 driver. Watch it.

And now I’m in Sydney. I lost a day on the flight over the date line, so left on Wednesday night and arrived on Friday morning which sucks, but it’s just getting to summer again, and I have high hopes. For now, I’m going to chill out for the weekend and start job hunting on Monday. I can’t wait.


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